July 14, 2017 

I hope this note finds all well with everyone.

I am writing to inform you that the August 2017 Charlotte International Equestrian Market has been cancelled effectively immediately.

We have tried everything that we can think of to make this event a success.  Our main problem was the fact that the larger exhibiting companies would not commit their support and participation.  We started off pretty good last February.  The attendance from both the exhibitor side and the retailer side was fair but not acceptable.  We were repeatedly told that companies were waiting to the see the level of participation from the larger companies before they would commit to future markets.

That participation, for one reason or another, has just never materialized for the August event.

Therefore, we have determined that it is not prudent to continue with this market if we are unable grow it from one show to the next.

Your support has been extremely appreciated by both myself and Ginger.  


Kent Hopper



 All Information for Buyers is in the pull down buttons at 

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Buyers badges are FREE upon qualifying for registration.


 If you are already in Hopper Expositions database from past shows,
you do not need to re-qualify.
 Just click here to send me a quick email
with the names you want badges for and we will take care of it on our end.

Requirements for Buyer Registration

This is a "trade only" event.
Any store and buyer registering to attend the market will need to provide a current copy of their
respective state "Sales and Use Tax permit" along with two (2) of the following:

1.  Business Incorporation document or copy of lease agreement / deed,   State Vendors License

2.  Recent Business Advertisement or picture of store front.

3.  Copy of three (3) invoices over $100.00 from wholesale suppliers.

4. An active web site address through which Business can be verified.

5. Mail order companies should provide catalog. 

YOU MAY FAX THIS PRIOR TO THE SHOW AT 513-422-3477 OR EMAIL TO  ginger@hopperexpos.com.


Acceptable individual buyer identification (who is attending with a pre-qualified store):

Please provide one of any of the following: 

1. Valid Employee email address

2. Personalized, imprinted business card.

3. Copy of W-2 form

4. Copy of cancelled company payroll check or check stub.

5. Copy of company credit card with employee's name and company's name.

click here to download a printable copy of this registration that you can fax into 513-422-3477. 



Are you a registered SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter?

If so please email me at ginger@hopperexpos.com to apply for admission to the trade shows.





Upload Buyer Proof:
Pdf and image files only. Max qty: 5
We send our Pre-Registration list to all of our contracted exhibitors just prior to the show so they can make appointments and offer you specials, if you would like to "opt out" of this list, please check the box below....And all your information wil be kept confidential.